Middle Ages

1Story Behind the Song: ‘Come Thou Fount’HERE
2Charles Finney - Father of American RevivalismHERE
3Who Was St. Patrick?HERE
4Darby Shone Brilliant Light on Bible Prophecy and Church FunctionsHERE
5Remembering the Haystack Prayer MeetingHERE
6Facing Death, George Whitefield Preached One Last TimeHERE
7Harriet Tubman: The "Moses" of Her PeopleHERE
8Blaise Pascal - Scientific and Spiritual ProdigyHERE
9The Story of Albert B SimpsonHERE
10Horatio Gates Spafford - The Story Behind the Hymn "It Is Well with My Soul"HERE
11Fashion Statement (Chinese Inland Mission)HERE
121456 Gutenberg Produces the First Printed BibleHERE
131611 Publication of the King James BibleHERE
14John & Charles Wesley Experience ConversionsHERE
15James Maxwell: Freedom from DualismHERE
16What the English Bible Cost One Man - William TyndaleHERE