Modern Era

1“America's Pastor” Prepared to Meet His LordHERE
2Bach in JapanHERE
3A Seed Prepared by God : M. E. BarberHERE
4C. T. Studd Gave Huge Inheritance AwayHERE
5Testimonies of Morning Time with the LordHERE
6The Dead Sea Scrolls UnrolledHERE
7How a World Famous Geneticist Went from Staunch Atheist to Christian ConvertHERE
8Eric Liddell: A Life Dedicated To His God
9D. L. Moody: The Prince of EvangelistsHERE
10Watchman Nee’s Testimonies - Dealt with by GodHERE
11Miserable Sundar Singh Had a Vision of ChristHERE
12George Muller: Even The Wind ObeyedHERE
13Everything for the Lord; Watchman Nee (1901-1972)HERE
14Tortured for Christ - Richard WurmbrandHERE
15John Birch: Fighting missionaryHERE
16Mitsuo Fuchida: from Pearl Harbor Attacker to Christian EvangelistHERE
17George Müller’s Conversion ExperienceHERE